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I come from a background in engineering, IT and management before jumping head long into real estate in 2014. After successfully selling in Auckland for a couple of years, picking up NZ Rookie of the Year for Professionals in my first year, as a family we decided to move to Tauranga. As sales manager of Professionals NRG Realty I get the hit of helping my team succeed, combined with the rush of real estate – a perfect combination for me!

Linda McLean

“Paul is a fantastic sales manager who's supportive, fun and knowledgeable with great new ideas and provides the support to implement them!"

Tony Gordon

“Paul is an achievement oriented manager who is supportive of innovation & autonomy whilst ensuring that important details are controlled.”

Stephan van Lieshout

“Paul brings to bear an uncommon courage and an intelligence which, coupled with his unassuming manner, makes him quickly able to understand a problem and drive towards a solution.”

Craig Soutar

“A “top quartile” leader for all occasions including when under fire; for keeping the lights on and doors open; and also when driving a significant change programme”

Steve Lovegrove

“Awarded with the Rookie of the year in his first year for the Professionals group was very well deserved and his professionalism, creative thinking, and being open to new initiatives has really inspired not only me but all of his colleagues in the office. You're AWESOME Paul!!!”

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