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From buying my first home, my love affair with real estate began. I have bought and sold real estate and have been a landlord, so do understand the different emotions and challenges involved. Which is what makes me a great choice for you!


I have an extensive background in corporate IT working mainly for Sky Television. Here I learnt the importance of process, systems, and planning. Using this in my real estate business means I’m ticking all boxes along the way to ensure we maximise the success of your sale. Experience in dealing with multiple parties, often with competing agendas, means you benefit from my honed negotiation skills. Outside of real estate I’m happily married, a dog enthusiast/breeder and I have a passion for all things fishing – especially telling tall stories.

Before moving to the Bay in 2020, I visited and holidayed here enough to fall in love with the place, so much so in fact, that I bought an investment property here, which is now our home. I am very committed to my new home where I am involved in the community and give of myself and my time

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