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Take the next step in your real estate career with Professionals



Professionals Group New Zealand offers entrepreneurial Salespeople the unique opportunity to rocket launch their career
with our unique Pathway to Business Ownership programme. Business ownership provides the opportunity to build a tangible
asset, build a team and opens up opportunities for future financial security for you and your family. We understand the the
challenges of moving from Salesperson to Business Owner, and that's why we have developed a programme that can
take you through the process in four steps. In joining the programme, you will be able to continue operating as a
Salesperson throughout the process. We will match you with a mentor from within the Group, and support you in setting up
your own business, opening an office, and building a team.

Step 1: Seed


  • Apply to join the Pathway to Business ownership Programme.
  • Meet your mentor. You will be matched with one of our owners who will act as your coach and mentor towards owning and operating you own business over the programme.
  • Learn about our systems, culture and approach in the minimum time.
  • Build a business plan for the next step, generate your own sales, and learn all you need to prepare you to operate on your own.

Step 2: Growth


  • Receive comprehensive administration & marketing support.
  • Receive hands-on assistance from your mentor, including full REA supervision
  • Establish yourself in your area, build your market presence.
  • Learn the basics of business ownership and plan for ownership.

Step 3: Satellite


  • Build your team for market share - work with your mentor on a recruitment strategy.
  • Work through the process of finding an office space.
  • If required start your journey to your Agents License
  • Sales management training - start to work and think like a business owner.


Step 4: Agency


  • Start to scale, build your team, open an office and become an owner and a leader.
  • Understand the business side of ownership, recruitment, management, finances, marketing and strategy with your mentor
  • Assume full responsibility for overseeing all your transactions, listings, legal documentation and finances.
  • Continue to benefit from your independent membership of the Professionals group.

Professionals believe that we are stronger together and that by working collaboratively to harness our collective skills
and experience, we can deliver our clients the absolute best. As part of the Professionals family, and with the support
and assistance from the very beginning, you can be assured that your vision, dedication and willingness to step out on
your own will be rewarded, not just through your income and annual profits, but also via the sale of the highly valuable
asset you have worked so hard to create.

If you're ready to take this next step towards growth and success, download our Pathway to Business Ownership 
e-book and fill in the enquiry form today.


New owner case study.

Watch Shar explains how she went from Salesperson to Business Owner.

Meet a mentor.

Hear from the owner of Professionals McDowell Real Estate Ltd about how he offers support as a mentor.

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