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Professionals Group was built by Real Estate Agents for Real Estate Agents and is a marketing co-operative with 40 years of history in New Zealand. We provide the best value membership for business owners in the country, not only an international brand but training, marketing, systems and values that will enable you to take your business to the next level.  

We were founded with the aspiration to provide a strong public presence of corporate identity, shared benefits and “independent owner” status. All our members are shareholders and play a role in driving the future direction of the group, and creating our legacy.


Pathway to Business Ownership

If you're ready to take the next step in your real estate career, then consider the Professionals Pathway to Business Ownership programme.

The Programme is a four-step process that will take you from successful Salesperson to owning your own Real Estate business. You will be provided with support and mentorship from an existing member to help you along your path. No upfront financial outlay is required.

Our Pathway to Business Ownership programme works and is unique to Professionals, demonstrating our commitment to future growth and the success of our members in the changing real estate environment.


New owner case study.

Watch Shar explains how she went from Salesperson to Business Owner.

Pathway to Business Ownership.

Find out how we can take you from where you are today, t0 full agency ownership.

John Ross - a journey to success

Hear how John grew one of the most successful Real Estate businesses in Australasia.

"We were built by Real Estate Agents for Real Estate Agents and provide the best value for Business Owners in New Zealand. As NZ's largest Real Estate co-operative our members pay less fees for full services including training, marketing and awards. Contact me today if you are looking to take the next step towards business ownership or feel your franchise fees are too high." Shaun Taylor, CEO
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