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Why Professionals?

Founded with the aspiration to provide a strong public presence of corporate identity, shared benefits and “independent owner” status, the Professionals group is a marketing co-operative that is not run for profit.

An important focus has always been placed on all members owning the brand and driving the future direction of the group. Money from our low monthly fees is injected straight back into the organisation by providing real value to our members through the delivery of a range of products and services. Today this comprises leading-edge marketing technology and tools that generate business for our members.

At the forefront of real estate industry thinking, we are constantly seeking ways to develop and grow, as individuals and as a company. So we're proud of our Pathway to Business Ownership programme - another innovation for our brand, demonstrating our commitment to future growth and the success of our members in the changing real estate environment.

Your next step for growth

If you are ready to take the next step in your real estate career towards growth and success then download our e-book to see what the future could look like with the Professionals Real Estate group. As a co-operative our members are shareholders in the group, and all the fees that are paid go back into providing services and value for our members. We have ownership models to suit all business sizes and will provide a platform for you to take your business to the next level.

For more detail on our pathway to real estate business success please download our e-book.

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What is it you really want?

You know you can sell property, but are you ready to take the next step into business ownership?.



How the Professionals Pathway to Business Ownership programme works.

Find out how we can take you from where you are today, through a staged process to full agency ownership and world domination!

Why Professionals?

See what the Professionals group offers to get you started on this exciting journey.

Four steps to success

If you're ready to take the next step in your real estate career, then the Professionals Pathway to Business Ownership programme might be just what you're looking for.

We've designed a four-step process that will take you from a virtual office in yor own satellite area, to your own business complete with office, staff and systems. From there, how you choose to grow your business is up to you. You could even expand geographically and grow a regional Professionals operation built on your values and success.

For all the details about our pathway to business ownership programme please download our eBook: How to start your real estate business.

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If you would like to join a Real Estate group that lets you operate your own business independently, that put’s our owner members first, and gives you the benefits of a national brand then we have an ownership option for you. If you are looking to grow your business, joining Professionals Real Estate Group will be the best step you can make on your journey to success.
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